Maria in Paradise

Don't even ask. We have her and we are not giving her back!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sending an "Adios Muchachos" to All Who Would Recall Her from Paradise!


Returning Always to Her Important Work


And Greeted Even the Volcanos with Great Joy


But She Found Even Greater Natural Beauty, Even In a Lava Flow


And to Inspect Their Crafts


Maria Took Time to Sample the Work of Local Artists


And Parents Raised Their Children High to See Her


While Families Sang Her Praises


And Were Drawn to Her


Children Were Inspired by her Example


But Maria Fought On!


Others Took an Easier Path


And Set Out for Battle!


And a Light Heart


She Mounted Her Stead with a Serious Purpose


But Even as the Dawn Began to Break


Even the Neighbors Took Note of Her Arrival


While Others Looked on With Dread


She Inspected Her Domain


And Flags Waved in the Breeze


There Were Rainbows When She Arrived


February 2006  

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